Best Town Hall 3 Base Layouts [COC]

At town hall 3, it is difficult to choose the best layout as you are at the beginning phase of the game. You do not have any knowledge about how to make the best base layout. But, it is important to make your layouts strong to save your resources and trophies.

There are various ways through which we can design our bases. Depending on the purpose of bases they are designed into different types such as farming bases, and anti 3 stars bases. In this article, we will discuss some useful bases for town hall 3.

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1. Hybrid Base

This is the simplest base for town hall 3. It is fast and easy to design. The main aim of this base is to protect defenses and resources. The bombs are placed near the mortar so that it could protect the mortar from the giants and others troops.

Two layers of the wall are also used so that more wall breakers are needed to access mortar. In addition, almost all resources are kept inside the walls, so this is the simplest and perfect base design for town hall 3.

2. Anti-Giant Base 1 

This base is designed to protect your village from a giant attack. The giant attack is one of the popular attacks at town hall 3, so this base design could be very useful for you.

In this base design, all four defenses are inside the wall and one side of the mortar is protected with double layers of the wall. On another side, two bombs are used. The defenses are placed in such a way that maximum buildings lie within the range of all defenses.

3. Anti-Barch Base

Barch is the most powerful attack for town hall 3. The troop combination of Barbarians and Archers is known as the Barch army. The advantage of this attack is that it can be also used on those bases with troops in enemy clan castles. 

The huge number of archers can easily kill almost any troops. Thus, it is essential to protect our village from the barch attack. This base is the best choice to deal with the barch attack.

In this base, the mortar is placed at the center so that it will be difficult for troops to destroy it. The two bombs are placed near the mortar so that they protect it. All the other remaining buildings are placed circularly outside the walls so, troops are distracted from the defenses and it will be very hard to get three stars in this base with the barch army. In addition, this base is also useful for the giant attack.

4. Farming Base 1

The main goal of the farming base is to protect the resources. These types of bases are useful if you have a very low amount of resources.

In this base design, the main resources such as gold and elixir storages are placed inside the wall, and mortar is also protected by the wall. Other buildings and defenses are placed outside the walls.

5. Farming Base 2

As the resources are important in the farming base we can also design a farming base to protect the storages.

In this base layout, the storages are placed inside the walls, and mortar is kept in the middle of the base. In this base, one star can be easily achieved as the town hall is outside the walls. However, it is difficult to destroy storages.

6. Anti-Giant Base 2

This base can be also used to protect your village from the giant attack. As the cannons are outside of the walls giants can be distracted by them and they will be continuously damaged by mortar.


There are different types of bases which can be used to protect our village in town hall 3. Depending upon the situation we can use different bases.

The farming bases are useful to protect resources while others bases can be used to protect our village from various troop combinations. The anti-barch base is the most powerful base design to protect our town hall from the troops in town hall 3.
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