How to Create a Postcard in Microsoft Word

Microsoft word is a very popular document editor. With the help of this editor, we can create different types of text documents for various purposes.


The best part of this software is that various types of pre-built shapes are available in it which can be used for simple graphic designing. Additionally, we can choose almost any colors to decorate our design. In this article, we are going to create a postcard in Microsoft word.

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Insert gridlines


At first, we should use gridlines so that it becomes easy to create the design with accuracy. To insert the gridlines go to ‘view’ and check on the ‘gridlines’ option. Then, you will see that the gridlines appear on the body part of the Microsoft word.


Insert two rectangular shapes


To design the outer part of the postcard insert a rectangular shape from Insert > Shapes.

The shape will be already filled with color to avoid complexity. Go to Format > Shapes Fill > No Fill to make it transparent.

Similarly, import another rectangular shape.


Design the outer part


Now, we can design the outer part of the postcard with some shapes and colors. First, insert a triangular shape and put it on the first corner of the postcard outer.


After that, insert a parallelogram shape and place it next to the triangular shape.

Use edit points options from Format > Edit Shapes > Edit Points to change the positions of that shape.


Now, hold the ‘Ctrl’ button and drag the shape to duplicate it.


Similarly, fill the half part of the first outer line. Then, select all parallelogram shapes by holding ‘Ctrl’ and clicking on them.


Then, ‘Right-Click’ on them, and choose the Group > Group option. Now, again hold the ‘Ctrl’ button and drag the grouped shapes to duplicate them.


In a similar way, fill all those shapes on the outer part of the postcard.


Color the outer part


Now, to color the shapes of the outer part select the shapes oddly by holding ‘Ctrl’ and click those shapes oddly.


Then, go to Format > Shape Fill and choose the color you like. Choose the same color for the outlines of the shape.

After that, select the remaining shapes and fill another color on the shapes and their outlines.


Color the Body Part


In a similar way, we can color the body part by selecting rectangular shapes.


Use ‘More Fill Colors’ to choose more colors and custom colors.


Design the Body Part


To design the body part first insert two straight lines from the ‘Shapes’ options and use them in the middle of the postcard.


Now, use the ‘Custom Color’ option to color them.


Also, insert some horizontal lines and use some color for them.


Now, insert text boxes and write ‘To’ and ‘Address’.


Then, color them using the same color used for the lines.


Insert picture


We can use some pictures to make the postcard more attractive. You can insert any image from your computer. Although, Microsoft word also provide some image for free. To download those images go to ‘Insert > Online Pictures.


Then, search for the picture you want to insert. Do not forget to use ‘Creative Commons Only’ options to avoid copyright. Now, go to ‘Type Transparency’ to insert images with transparency. Choose any picture you like and click o ‘Insert’.


After that, go to the ‘Wrap Text > Infront Of Text’ to bring the image forward. Resize the image and put it in that position where you like.


Insert Your Message


To insert your message on the postcard go to ‘Shapes’ and choose the text box. Now, put it below the mountain picture and choose the font as you like. Also, use the 'Bold' option for our message.

Video Tutorial




Microsoft word is popular text and document software. However, we can use this software for some graphic designing. To create a postcard in this software we should use various shapes and use different colors.


We can also insert some pictures to make it more attractive. Do not forget to use the ‘Creative Commons Only’ option while searching for the images using the online pictures inserting option. Also, use the ‘Type > Transparent’ option to insert pictures with transparency.
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